List of Services


Tax Services 

In Rem Mailing List
In Rem Redemption-Filing
In Rem Redemption Processing
In Rem Refunds & Adjustments
In Rem Statement of Removal
In Rem Status
In Rem Tax Bill
Restoration-Exempt Property
Tax Arrears
Tax Bill 
Tax Bill Vault
Tax Continuation
Tax History
Tax Map
Tax Payment
Tax Search
Vault Continuation 
Vault Tax Search
Water Department Violation Search

Real Property Research

50 Year Chain Deed & Lease Report
Condominium Association Lien Filing
Condominium Association Lien Search
Co-op Search 
Deed & Mortgage Search
Federal Tax Lien Search
Foreclosure Search
Full Title Search
Judgment Search
Last Owner Search
Last Owner & Mortgage Search
Last Owner Property Search
Lis Pendens Search
Mechanic Lien Search
Mortgage Search
Single Separate Search/Variance  
Title One Report

Document Recording Services

Brokers Lien Filing
Lis Pendens Filing
Mechanic Lien Filing
Recording Deeds, Mortgages U.C.C.'s
Assignment Etc.

Name Index Record Searches

Business Certificate Search 
Corporate Certificate Search 
Federal Tax Lien Copies
Federal Tax Lien Proof Of Satisfaction
Judgment Proof Of Satisfaction
Judgment Transcripts Copies
Name And Address Change
Uniform Commercial Code Search (U.C.C.)

Bankruptcy Services

Bankruptcy Docket Copies
Bankruptcy Proceeding Copies
Bankruptcy Search 

Surrogate Court Searches

Death Certificate Search
Estate File Copies
Name Search Of Purported Descedent 

Municipal Searches

Air Resources Search
Assessed Valuation
Assessed Valuation Certification
Assessors Card
Assessors Letter
Certificate Of Occupancy Report
Dept Of Envir.l Conservation (D.E.C) 
Elevator Violations Search
Emergency Repair Report
Emergency Repair Continuation
Envir. Control Board Search (E.C.B)
Fire Violation Search
Gas And Electrical Violations Search
Health Search
Highway Search
Housing And Building Violation Search
Locate Survey 
Oil Burner Permit Search
Parking Violation Bureau Search 
Sewer Hookup Search
Sewer Search
Sidewalk Violation Search
Street Maintenance Letter
Street Report
Survey Inspection
Toxic Waste Search
Zoning Search

Flood Searches

Flood Hazard Determination
Life Of Loan

State Searches & Services

Uniform Commercial Code (U.C.C.)
Federal Tax Liens
State Tax Liens
Certificate Of Good Standing
Franchise Tax Report
Corporate Document Retrievals
Name Availability
Name Reservation
Trademark Search
Trademark Filing

Special Services

Air Resources Violation Dismissal
Building Plans Copies
Building Plans Review
Building Violation Dismissal
Cerclis Search
Cesspool Certification
Emergency Repair Statement Of Account
Emergency Repair Statement Of Satisfaction
Emergency Repair Continuation
Environmental Control Board Judgment Satisfaction
Highway Department Violation Dismissal
History Of Building Report
Housing Registration Card Copies
Housing Violation Dismissal
Landmark Search
Local Law 10 Compliance Copies
Multiple Dwelling Registration Card
Parking Violation Bureau Judgment Satisfaction (C.D.J.)
Pest Control Lien Satisfaction Printout
Rent Roll Copies (D.H.C.R.)
Sewer Connecting Dye Test
Special Meter Reading (Water)
Underground Storage Tank
Wet Lands Map

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